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Mar 08

Cross Country Success

Congratulations to Kyla McMurdo, EP5 for being placed 3rd overall in the Under 11 category of the cross country event on the 18th of February.  Well done!

Jun 06

Weekly Website Whizzkid – Caitlin EP7

This week we went to the I.C.T suite to work on our e-portfolios for the Nicolson. We also worked on Alta maths.  The challenger 4 bus came to school and we learnt about a lady called Jane who was a missionary. She went to Hungary to help the Jews in the Second World War. It …

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May 30

Weekly Website Whizzkid – Claire EP6

On Monday we had our sports day which we all enjoyed.  Lots of parents came along to watch us take part in the races. There was tea, coffee and home baking being served in the school. We all had a great day.   On Tuesday we had art and we are doing a board to …

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May 28

Weekly Website Whizzkid 28.5.14 Leanne EP6

On Monday we had sports day. On sports day I had a lot of fun. The races we did included the sack race, running race, egg and spoon race, the 200m race and the relay.   On Tuesday we had art and we were designing a Stornoway Tattoo board, although we haven’t started making the …

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May 28

Weekly Website Whizzkid 23.5.14 Holly EP6

On Wednesday mornings we go down to the library to choose a book.  In the Afternoon when we learnt about Rosa Parks and we summarised her story by writing bullet points about what she did. She was really heroic and stood up for equal rights in America.  Then we went down to the computer room …

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May 28

Weekly Website Whizzkid 21.5.14 Ailyn EP6

On Monday when we came in we had P.E. We played some games and then went back to class. After P.E we did reading activities where I did a story map. I did my story map on Shrinking Violet. After lunch we went to watch the P7s do their Young Leaders test so we will …

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May 16

Weekly Website Whizzkid – Lara EP6

We have been learning languages.  We had French and we know our numbers and some colours. Then on Tuesday we had Gaelic. Mrs MacLennan drew a line in the middle of the white board and put numbers on each side. Then she would say a number in Gaelic and the first person to find it …

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May 14

Weekly Website Whizzkid – Ceit Murray EP6

On Monday morning we had gym outside with Mr. Smith.  We played a game called Foxes, Chickens and Worms, it was really fun.  In maths this week I have been learning division facts and using EducationCity to help me.    In language I did some work on comprehension using two different stories, one about King …

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May 09

Weekly Website Whizzkid – Louise Newlands

  This week in maths I was working on money.  I learnt how to pay for things in shops using lots of different coins and notes.  For spelling this week, I was able to choose words that I find particularly challenging and focus on them.  I chose to put them into different sentences and used …

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May 08

Weekly Website Whizzkid – Angus Chalmers

This week we have been learning about fractions in maths. When you want to find a fraction of an amount, the rule is to divide the whole number by the bottom number of the fraction and multiply your answer by the top number of the fraction.   In art we heard a very interesting story …

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