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School Documents

Important documents about the school are available below.

School Handbook
Each year, Western Isles schools update their handbook for parents. The latest issue of Sgoil a’ Bhac’s School Handbook was released in January 2016. It can be downloaded in PDF format below. A separate handbook is issued by Sgoil Araich Loch a Tuath, which is also available below.

– Sgoil a’ Bhac School Handbook – Jan 2016
Sgoil Araich Loch a Tuath Handbook Aug 2015

Standards & Quality Report

At the end of each session, the school produces a report about the work of the school that year. The 2015-2016 Standards and Quality Report for Sgoil a’ Bhac can be viewed below.

Standards & Quality Report 2015-16 

School Improvement Plan

Before the end of the school session, the school publishes a plan for the main improvements it intends to achieve in the new session. This plan will take account of the needs of the school as well as any local authority or national development priorities in education. The 2016-2017 School Improvement Plan for Sgoil a’ Bhac is attached below. We’ve also provided an A4 summary plan to allow parents to easily access an overview of our projects.

– School Improvement Plan 2016-17 Sgoil a’ Bhac
School Improvement Plan 2016-17 Summary Poster
HMIe Inspection Reports

The last HMIe inspection reports for Sgoil a’ Bhac were published in February 2003 and January 2005 (Follow up). Sgoil Araich Loch a Tuath was inspected in November 2007. These documents can be viewed below.

– Back School Inspection Report 2003
– Back School Follow-up 2005
– Sgoil Araich Loch Tuath Inspection 2007

Care Inspectorate Report (Sgoil Araich)

Sgoil Araich Loch a Tuath had an unannounced assessment from the Care Inspectorate in June 2015. The report of that assessment has been published and is available in PDF below.

– Care Inspectorate Report – July 2015